The Universe Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Life is unfair.

The Universe does not owe you anything, just because you’ve been working hard, or because you wished for it to happen.

Shitty things happen to amazing people.
Amazing things happen to shitty people.

We have been taught that we need to suffer to get what we want in life.

We don’t.

We need to do what works,
and it’s not related to how much suffer.

How many 12h/day factory or mine workers have you seen living their dreams?

Yet they are some of the hardest workers there is.

The World is filled with billions of people who believe that the hardest they work, the better their life will be.

We value suffering, hardship, effort, pain and tough work.

For what?

Suffering is not giving you any “credit points” that you can exchange afterward to get good things in your life.

We reject what’s simple and effortless, because we think: “nah, it couldn’t be that easy, right?”

But sometimes it is, that easy.

Sometimes, what leads to amazing results doesn’t require 80h of work per week.

We need to stop living our life with the belief that the Universe, or other people, owe us anything because of our efforts or intentions.

There is no “law of attraction”.
There is no “no pain no gain”.
There is no “karma”.

There is what works,
and what does not work.

Sometimes, it takes years to figure out what works.

Sometimes, it only takes 10 seconds.

We try to make sense of the World by thinking it’s all balanced, that harder work leads to better results, that giving more leads to receiving more, etc.

It doesn’t work this way.

You should love, not because you expect love in return, but because loving is what makes you feel whole.

You should work hard, not because you expect better results in return, but out of passion for the work itself.

You should give back more, not because you expect to receive gratefulness in return, but because giving it the reward itself.

As long as you believe that your effort, work, love, intention or gifts entitle you to be rewarded, you got it all wrong.

Life is unfair.

You can deny it, and suffer.
or deal with it, and adjust.

Someone said: “Reality is what remains even when you stop believing in it.”

And regardless how many millions books, movies and seminars it sold,

Reality doesn’t reward the effort, the intention, or the pain to get there.

Reality rewards what works.

Source: thomasdepin

Dating Advice

  • If it’s already made clear that you’re unwanted, leave. Trying to stay will only lead to more heartaches => You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love is no longer being served -Nina Simone-
  • Never let a handful of good qualities make you think that everything else about them is great. The truth is you don’t have the full picture yet, so don’t assume.
  • Date people who share similar values to you because relationships that are aligned are so much easier. Misalignment in values will cause a lot of conflicts.
  • To meet your person you have to be visible. After all, if you can’t be seen you can’t be found.
  • Your mental health is more important than any relationship. If you have to sacrifice your mental wellbeing for your partner, you lose yourself in the process.
  • How someone treats you is how they feel about you. If they act like they don’t care, they don’t care. => Action speaks louder than words.
  • If you wouldn’t be friends with the person you’re dating, the relationship is probably built on physical attraction or infatuation and probably won’t last. You don’t actually miss them, you miss what you wanted them to be.
  • Don’t believe in potential. Potential is worthless without actions to back it up. Look where they are and what they’re doing now => What you see is what you get.


Each morning when I do my morning jog I saw this car that I really wanted to buy months ago but decided against it because I wanted to prioritize my spending on things that are more important: traveling & the business.

The business alone on average now eat about 50-60% of my salary so if I want to travel there’s no way I’d waste my money paying installment for a thing I would not even use once every 2 weeks.

This morning I saw the car again and this time it comes down to me: this guy has been going to work at my morning jog time. He’s going to work at 6 AM in the morning! Meanwhile on non-jogging day I wake up at 7, start working from home at 8:30. No commute, just in my shorts.

Be grateful for what you have.

Life is not fair

There is no rulebook saying that life is fair, or you are owed an easy ride

You are not the focus of all the world’s attention: if “everything” was truly against YOU, then life for the rest of us would be a breeze as you take the heat. You’re in it with the rest of us, albeit with your own set of challenges. So take some comfort in the fact that, while you’re unique, your not so special that the cosmos is out to get you.


1. Have a clean setup for workspace – less items is better

2. Create a massive amount of time for yourself
– If there’s anything you want to do that will hinder your concentration, spare a day off and do it.
– Automate anything you can do, such as regular bill payment
– Shop online instead of doing regular shopping
– Don’t do any ‘recreation’ activities you won’t enjoy eg: going to the beach
– Spare enough time for sleep and exercise to be on peak condition

3. Ruthlessly prioritize what you are doing – focus on the most important thing and don’t get sidetracked on little tasks. Spend the time on what matters.

4. Raise your standard and put yourself on uncomfortable area
– Have more expectation of yourself, preferably above your station
– Weekend doesn’t have to be the time to laze around, evening doesn’t mean you have to do relaxing activities

5. Actually do the work – put the time to do the work: xxx minutes/hours per day start from xx PM