Things to remember

1 TAKE OWNERSHIP – Take responsibility for your life – blame noone but yourself.

2 ACCEPT FAILURE – Making mistakes is a key part of success.

3 WHAT YOU DO AT 8PM MATTERS – Time to plan your future – make sure what you do (till midnight) aligns with the goals that you have.

4 SUCCESS IS A LONELY ROAD, WHILE FAILURE IS A CROWDED HIGHWAY – Some of your greatest accomplishments will be done alone.

5 THE LAST 10% IS THE HARDEST. FINISH IT. – It’s the last 10% that brings a project home, that gets you the impact.

6 KNOW WHY YOU WANT IT. – You need to understand for yourself why you need to do something – that is going to help you do your best work.

7 CONTINUOUS LEARN. – Investing in your own learning is one of the best investments that you can make.