Activating Ezoic Premium

Today I got an offer from Ezoic to activate their premium plan (pay $X per month in exchange bigger advertiser and a bunch of other added services). The Income School threads seem to agree that the increased performance from enabling this always able to pay the cost so I’ll try it.

Stats so far this month up until 13 Aug:

  • Earnings: $83.70
  • Visits according to Ezoic: 5131
  • EPMV according to Ezoic: $16.30
  • PV according to GA: 5.8K
  • RPM: $14.43

Premium will start from 16 Aug

Rearrange Categories & Unpublishing Posts

As I get more visitors from my new articles, the old ones stay dead. Categories & menu are very misleading since they’re not what the site actually about these days.

Based on what I learned about how google sees and determines your topical authority, it seems a bunch of unrelated-unranked articles dilute that topical authority. In order to make it clear, tough decision need to be taken: rearrange categories & delete those unrelated-non performed posts.

After consulting a bit in IS forum, I finally did it today:

  • Unpublished 26 posts
  • Deleted 8 posts
  • Removed all internal links pointing to those posts
  • Rearrange categories and assign new categories
  • Change the main menu based on new categories

All said and done, now all I can do is sit and see if this will make anything