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As another google update rolled and took its victims, the mood in the SEO community got even more sour. Some strong advocates of EEAT who think they did a good job and should be excluded from the update got ran over too and they already show strong feelings on it.

Travel Lemming, who supposedly have very strong EEAT and visit every place they review themselves got slashed to the point that they only have 35% of their original traffic. Up The Gains by Sammy Elard also got slashed and he ranted in X about having been overtaken by lower quality site in ranks. NSL took this opportunity to push her recommended FB course and get some commission from it.

Basically the whole thing is a mess.

Pinterest effort

My Pinterest effort started to yield result although it’s not much, about 300 visits in a month, far cry from nearly 100k needed to earn decent ad revenue.

To make matters complicated, most of my topics are not what people look for in Interest. My biggest contributor is 90 clicks from 1 pin that is not even in my main topic.

After some deliberating, my plan is to add more articles to serve Pinterest. This effort will damage topical cluster but with Google like this, it doesn’t seem to matter now.


Facebook effort remains elusive despite taking the most cost from ad. My page has 420 followers now but FB only shows my post to 1-2 people each time. I made sure to deliver what I promise in Ad but if the algorithm does not show it to more people, does it means that the one who click like does not really care about what promised in the Ad?

This happened despite me ditching all my side topics and only focus on 1 topic in FB in order to keep engagement, and thus for it to be shown to more followers.


Traffic down to 24 visitors at one point and since then rebound to about 80-100, halving the previous traffic. Impression almost went back but with less click that only means that I still show on same page on SERP but lower.

As the update will take 1 month to roll, I don’t even know how to react. No one else does either for sure.

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