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Just as traffic bumped in January, the most I got was 240/day before it dived down again to a disheartening level at 150+. Someone on twitter told me that it was seasonal since travel increased in January and dropped by the end of it.


I fired my overpriced social media manager and chose to do FB myself.

  • The idea is running ads to gain likes, and hopefully they see the posts afterwards
  • run ads and test various forms , so far managed to get about $0.26 per likes, still too high
  • Start adding news to be shared on FB
  • Share memes from time to time


I start with 10/day and now start to do 20/day on 3rd month. Traffic trickled in but nothing significant. From trend and keyword checking, the topic I cover isn’t really things people search on Pinterest so it’s not a good match.

Thoughts on Social Media

I can start branching and make articles for social media instead for google but I wonder how much this will benefit me


I’m still adding content although no longer aiming for 20 per months. Most of my top performers already dropped to page 2 or even 3 and adding more does not seem to boost anything.


I got a few links but most of them are a bit concerning because they seem to be sites that are designed to sell links (bought high DA site and put content on it). They get little traffic despite the big DA and they all ask money for it.

That and there’s this case NSL got manual penalty as google accused her of buying link make me reconsider link building again.

That being said, my DA 17 domain probably wont go anywhere if I don’t make link.

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