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  • If it’s already made clear that you’re unwanted, leave. Trying to stay will only lead to more heartaches => You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love is no longer being served -Nina Simone-
  • Never let a handful of good qualities make you think that everything else about them is great. The truth is you don’t have the full picture yet, so don’t assume.
  • Date people who share similar values to you because relationships that are aligned are so much easier. Misalignment in values will cause a lot of conflicts.
  • To meet your person you have to be visible. After all, if you can’t be seen you can’t be found.
  • Your mental health is more important than any relationship. If you have to sacrifice your mental wellbeing for your partner, you lose yourself in the process.
  • How someone treats you is how they feel about you. If they act like they don’t care, they don’t care. => Action speaks louder than words.
  • If you wouldn’t be friends with the person you’re dating, the relationship is probably built on physical attraction or infatuation and probably won’t last. You don’t actually miss them, you miss what you wanted them to be.
  • Don’t believe in potential. Potential is worthless without actions to back it up. Look where they are and what they’re doing now => What you see is what you get.

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