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Following the Google update and drop in visitors since end of August, I decided make a few effort to keep the business going:

  1. In pursuit of topical authority: unpublishing more than 80 articles. This makes the site a bit tighter but the remaining topics are still unrelated to each other. I ended up with 4 topics.
  2. Reducing the frequency of additional articles since adding more does not seem to add traffic significantly. Google still index it as fast as ever but they all stuck on page 4 or 5 which is useless.
  3. Trying to diversify traffic from social media following NSL suggestion: using a service for FB and doing it myself for Pinterest. So far the result isn’t really significant: 5K traffic from Google & 90 from social media in the last 28 days.
  4. Start link building campaign again to increase my site’s DA. It seems it’s very difficult to rank without proper DA. Mine is now only 19, will see if I can push it to 30+.

Traffic got bumped a bit since end of December, which is supposedly when travel site gets a bump anyway until the end of January. The result is now I get 200+ per day consistently instead of 130+ in the last months. It is still depressing since I got 400+ on August but progress is progress. I’m hoping this will keep up past January.

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