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Traffic started falling down from the end of August. Some keywords lost their rank and those who retained don’t seem to get that many impressions anymore. Could be that it’s seasonality in effect (less people searching the topic) or Google started to distribute vastly different results to different people.

In any case, Google Helpful Content Update rolled and many sites got shot down on 14 Sept, doing a sharp nosedive when their traffic plunged 25, 50, 80%.

Mine didn’t do nosedive but it went down nonetheless. Since it’s been going down since the end of August, I’m not sure if it’s the effect of the HCU or something else. In any case, it’s pretty much sideway during September. Compared to August, clicks were down about 25%.

Nobody seems to have any clue of what’s going on and everywhere I see it’s just speculation after speculation. It seems for the moment the best thing to do is just posting as usual and see if G decides to rollback some of the updates. I’ve been hearing about SERP with poor quality contents up top just because they’re on reddit, quora, or being a local site. We’ll see.

  • GSC click: 7,577
  • Ad revenue: $194
  • GA PV: 11,217
  • RPM: $17.32 (from ad only)
  • Ezoic visit: 10,151
  • Ezoic EPMV: $19.11
  • Amazon revenue: $35.79
  • Total revenue: $229.79

My first Amazon check was sent on 29 Sept, will see how expensive to cash that out here.

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