May Update: More Traffic, Adding Ezoic, Increase Article Frequency

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May came and 3 things happened:

  1. I decided to increase the article frequency to 5 per week, making it approximately 20 per month
  2. I added Ezoic after seeing that Income School recommend to put it on after just 1K PV/month and apparently Ezoic has a program for publisher with less than 10k/month. Within days after added, I (based on the dashboard) make $1-$2 per day.
  3. Traffic keeps climbing. I get my 1800 clicks in 28 days notification and for the last 4 days GSC shows quite constant 100+ per day.

Past 3 months:

It’s far from all those heavy hitters on Twitter whose graph climbed at 80 degree elevation but at least it’s progress.

GA shows more than this but I had 2-3 days anomaly when traffic spiked (probably from Ezoic bot, I’m not sure) so it’s not showing average.

GA for the last 28 days. The actual average per day is actually within 120+

Author: Vincent S

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