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Reached 3K clicks in 28 days on 11 June. Session start data on analytics shows 5.9K.

RPM (Revenue per thousand PV)

I always wonder how much I will get and by extension when I can quit my job. A guy on Twitter educated me yesterday. He got about $1.4K from about 80K PV -> this means he gets $17.5 per thousands view.

Meanwhile, my data from 16 May to 16 June is 6.9K PV (according to analytics) and I made $112 from Ezoic. This means I only have $16.2 RPM.

Ezoic count it by visitors, which they count as 5.7K, making it $19.6 EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors).

The number isn’t bad but isn’t good either. With this RPM, I will need 187K PV to reach $3K/month, which seems very var now.

The other way is to increase the RPM, which on ‘normal range’ can be up to $40. It seems NSL is able to achieve this as she makes $40K from 1 million PV. If I manage to achieve this I only need 75000 PV to get $3K/month, but this is an idle thought.

Ad Network Alternatives

I checked a few sites I came across that show advertisements and found that many of them use Criteo. Did a bit of research and apparently Criteo has much bigger market share than Ezoic. The sites that use them are good ones with hundreds of thousands of traffic

This can be a good alternative to the Ezoic -> Mediavine path that everyone is going.

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