April 2023 Update

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The first thing noticeable is that the change n direction into focusing on topical authority paid off. That was October 2022, 3 months later on January 2023 I got my first revenue.

Now, after 6 months of trying to dish 4 posts per week, I see quite an improvement.

Yesterday I got another congratulatory message from Google for 700 clicks in 28 days, which is great

Regardless, I feel kind of frustrated with the growth speed, it feels like it crawls slowly upward. Now I’m at 2100 PV/month and it feels like the number increases 100 by 100 every week I check. When considering you need 10K just to apply to Ezoic, it feels thousands of miles away.

My frustration came from several factors

  • I saw people making more visitors with less time and fewer articles (I’m now nearly at 160 published posts). Granted some of them are not researched well and I still throw in a few more best X articles regardless knowing they’re hard to rank, but it’s still frustrating when comparing my own progress with them
  • I saw people making 50-60K PV registered with Mediavine and they’re making about $1.7k – 2K / month. That’s a good amount but hardly a ‘liberating’ one. By ‘liberating’ I mean the kind of money enough to quit your job and live in your term.

Factoring that, it seems the realistic one to aim for secure income (not factoring drop from google update) is 100-200K PV per month? Seems like unbelievably far away.

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