First Revenue

I earned the first revenue from my work. First time after 2-3 years working day job + trying to create a business afterward. The first one flopped after wasting money and time (the writing was on the wall but I refused to acknowledge it and keep pushing, resulting in more time & money wasted)

I worked this one for more than a year now, started doing it seriously from around May 2022 then wasted around 2 months pursuing BLs from guest posts. From October I ditched guest post and tried to push content instead. Currently 2 of my 3 best performers are posts without link at all.

Around last week I have about total 700 PV on the last 2 days and decided to add affiliate links to pages that get views. Got 2 conversions into Amazon purchase shortly after

The amount is laughable and minuscule compared to the cost I’ve spent so far but at least it’s a sign to the right direction.

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