Guest Post – How Long is Too Long?

After getting deals on more and more guest posts, I found more and more owner doesn’t really give a damn about responding on time. Naturally some of them might think they receive no benefit or the benefit is miniscule so you (the guest poster) should put up with whatever he’s comfortable of.

But is it though? How long is too long?

After initial exchange and a deal about the topic, I usually send the article within the next 1-2 weeks. Mostly 1 week. Then if there’s no response I’d follow up after 2 weeks, then after 1 and 2 months. But more than a month is already annoying enough.

The longest guy is a whole 3 months which during that time I kept sending follow up emails every few weeks that he ignored. Finally I told him to consider the submission cancelled and called him out for being unprofessional. He responded that particular email, most likely because he’s not comfortable with himself after being called out. “No no no, we’re not unprofessional, we just ignore you for 3 months even after agreeing to a guest post deal. Yep that’s what it is”

Joke aside, the excuses were quite uniform: I was traveling, was very busy.

For 3 months? Alright.

If I hadn’t called him out, most likely he’d continue to conveniently ignore my follow up emails and it won’t end with just 3 months.

It seems going forward I’ll need to put a time limit on how long I’ll be willing to put up with this kind of owners. Probably 1 or 1.5 month max. Since I mostly still getting guest post in sites with DR 50 and below, I don’t know how high DR sites owner act, maybe they also expect me to wait 3-4 months and consider it normal? We’ll see

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