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Just reminder to myself: it takes work and sacrifices to attain the lifestyle that we want. Some of the people I follow went through that

Adam work 100 hours/week (14 hours/day) juggling between day job and doing his then side business. That means if he works from 8 AM, he’d be finish at 10 PM. If I do that I’d be burned out in a week but I guess everyone has different stamina and willpower.

Twoset did their side job back then by utilizing every little spare time they can while doing full time job. Things like editing video on recess or even while in the bus was regular occurrence.

Even with that kind of sacrifices, both need several years before they’re able to support themselves enough to resign from their job.

I need this reminder because reading guest post requirement, cross checking it with what I have to offer, and slip that into available writer’s timeline is start to become a chore. That in the way that my mind is actively trying to find excuse to postpone doing that. I need their examples to push through.

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