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Some sites who accept guest post have a page about the rules and sometimes they don’t want pitch, they want direct submission.

I thought this was worth a shot so I tried twice. I never heard back from the first but the 2nd got accepted and set to be published within a month. I thought the odd seems pretty good and I don’t waste too much money compared to fee asked by site owners.

About 5-6 submissions later, I found zero success. Some never respond, some respond with ‘ah by the way there’s $$$ fee to post here’ and shove unreasonable rate which I had to decline.

And the icing on the cake is the 2nd submission that I thought was accepted. The owner published the article but REMOVED MY LINK from it. I naturally tried to reach him several times but he conveniently ignored my attempts. I can’t blame him entirely because we had no discussion beforehand about keeping my link (it was direct submission, duh) but I can’t help the feeling of getting robbed anyway. Hope you enjoy your steal Dave.

*Update: Dave replied asking for $450 for 2 links article. Publish first, ask money later. What an excellent business model.

So it seems unless it has big potential (really high DR) it’s not worth to go doing direct submission without clearing the terms beforehand. This is my policy going forward now.

Typical Response (So Far)

  • Never respond (fair enough, I can use the article somewhere)
  • Respond with ‘ah, there’s posting fee of $xx’ (fair enough, I can decide how to proceed)
  • The most @sshole of all: publish the article with the link removed. When contacted asking for ridiculous amount of money. Article already published and indexed so even if I ask him to take it down, whoever post it afterward will be seen as hosting duplicate content.

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